Block Masters Shop is a a small father-sons (and sometimes daughter) team of Minifigure fanatics and enthusiasts.

I (Marcus) always thought it would be a lot of fun to create custom Minifigures. Ive been a life long creative and “creator” of things, from video games, to painting custom storm trooper helmets.  The move to Minifigures came as my sons started to play with and collect LEGO.  I myself spent countless hours of my childhood building and playing with LEGO and that passion was revived as I bought sets and helped my sons put them together.

Throughout my career I have picked up many skills that I now apply to Block Masters, and we are giving it a go!  Not all minifigures we sell are our own custom creations, just some of them.  We sell other customs as well to help fund our endeavors to one day be a full customized minifigure shop!

Thank you so much for being here and supporting us along the way.  And if there are any custom characters you would love to see brought to minifigure form, dont hesitate to send us a request from our Contact page!