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On the checkout page there is a text input field in the lower right hand corner.You can submit your promo codes there and instantly see the results reflected in your total if the code is active.

Yes! While not branded they are the same size and shape as the official LEGO figures.Below you can see a side by side of Cara Dune (LEGO brand on the left, ours on the right).As you can see they stand up to eachother really well! We stand behind our products.

We get a lot of requests asking us to make peoples families, or D&D Characters, or Game Avatars.These require a lot of custom artwork to pull off that we just do not currently have the workload for.

Because of this we have to turn down these opportunities presently.We do, however, plan on offering this as a service in the near future! Check back in the next couple of months if this is something you are interested in.

Yes! We are happy to hear your requests.If we get multiple requests for the same figures and we see potential in putting them together, we will work our magic and make it happen.Please use the contact form on the contact page to submit your requests.There is no guarantee, however, that we will make all requested figures.
We are a small team afterall! (for now)

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Sure! If you are wanting larger quantities we can do bulk discounts for you to accommodate your needs.Please reach out to us with the Contact form on the Contact page and we can work out the details!

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If you find something you ordered was missing, or an accessory / item you saw in the pictures was not included please reach out to us.We want to make sure you receive your full order.
We do our best to get your orders perfect… but yes… we admit, every once in a while we do make a mistake, We are ALWAYS willing to fix these mix ups, though! Reach out to us and we will fix things!

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We like to reward our customers with a random minifigure as a way of saying thank you for the support.About 1 in every 20 orders receives one of these gifts.If you find yourselves the lucky victor of one of these figures, congratulations!You do not need to send it back! It is our gift to you.

If you ever recieve more than one extra and you feel there may have been a mix up in your order, Please reach out to us to let us know so that we can fix the issue. We will not ask you send it back, but chances are if you got extra somebody else is missing something.If we made a mistake its to your benefit and you can keep any extras that may have come to you.