Adventure Time Minifigure 5-Pack

Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $18.00.

This 5 minifigure pack comes contains:

Finn Minifigure
✅ Sword
✅ Small Jake Accessory
✅ Backpack
✅ Hood / Hat
✅ Black Display Baseplate

Bubblegum Princess Minifigure
✅ Hair/Crown Accessory
✅ Vial of potion
✅ Black Display Baseplate

Lich King Minifigure
✅ Cape
✅ Omar the Snail Accessory
✅ Black Display Baseplate

Ice King Minifigure
✅ Gunther the Penguin Accessory
✅ Black Display Baseplate

Marceline Minifigure
✅ Guitar Accessory
✅ Hairpiece Accessory
✅ Black Display Baseplate

Slight variations, blemishes, specks may appear on each mini-figure as is the nature of printing on these awkward shapes. These are NOT name brand but a look a like custom product.