Paz Vizla Heavy Blue and Yellow Armor Mandalorian


This Bounty Hunter wears Blue and Yellow painted Mandalorian Beskar armor. No bounty is too hard for this Mandalorian!


This is a single mini figure.

Comes with everything in the photos:

✅ 1 repeating heavy machine gun blaster
✅ 1 Chest armor piece
✅ 2 Leg Armor pieces
✅ 2 Wrist Armor pieces
✅ 1 Shoulder Pad armor piece
✅ 1 Jetpack
✅ Helmet
✅ Black Base Plate
✅ Face Printed head

Slight variations, blemishes, specks may appear on each mini-figure as is the nature of printing on these awkward shapes. These are NOT lego brand but a look a like custom product.

3 in stock (can be backordered)