3 Star Wars Jedi Minifigures Pack

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This pack comes with 3 Jedi Minifigures.

Pong Krell (4 Arms) Noga Ta and Hera Syndulla

(Hera Syndulla was never a jedi in the show Rebels, but she looks cool holding a lightsaber none the less!)

✅ Hera Syndulla minifigure
✅ Pong Krell Minifigure
✅ Noga Ta Minifigure
✅ 2 Regular green light sabers
✅ 2 Double sided Light Sabers (blue and green)
✅ 3 Black Baseplates

Slight variations, blemishes, specks may appear on each mini-figure as is the nature of printing on these awkward shapes. These are NOT name brand but a high quality look a like custom product.

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